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Your Silent Partner In Estate Planning

Founded in 1984, Lawyers Service Center, Inc. is a unique firm which offers Estate Planning services only to other attorneys, assisting them in drafting and implementing estate plans for those attorneys' own clients.

For attorneys who do not regularly work in the Estate Planning area, drafting the complex documents required isn't easy. Without a complete currency in state and federal tax law, the risk of providing an incomplete or just plain inadequate document is high. So many attorneys pass Estate Planning by, or at the very least don't seek it out.

But with Lawyers Service Center, Inc. attorneys who otherwise might not be able to offer Estate Planning services to their clients now can. Lawyers Service Center, Inc. is a professional support service specializing in the creation of high quality Estate Planning documents. And we are lawyers working exclusively for lawyers.

We provide technical expertise through our broad professional backgrounds, and cost saving efficiency through our comprehensive software systems. As a result, we bring you an economical means of providing your clients with the estate planning help they want...without you having to do the involved and time consuming work.

In short, we've turned a problem into an opportunity.

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